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People Also Ask: What You Should Do To Benefit From This Goldmine

In order for you to dominate SERP in 2020, you need to do beyond the ordinary. People Also Ask is an out of the box thought to get the desired results.

Google algorithm will continue to evolve, and along with it will be improvements in their thousands. One of such evolution is People Also Ask.

While you are preparing to win the SEO war in 2020, there’s an aspect of SERP that can give you an edge.

So, you would have been overlooking Google’s ‘People Also Ask” in your SEO strategies, but it’s time to take it seriously.

People Also Ask is not the only SERP element you need to pay attention to, other elements such as featured snippets, local packs, and knowledge graphs are also game-changers in their ways.

This article will focus basically on two aspects; what are the attributes of People Also Ask, while the concluding part will focus on how you can take advantage of these attributes.

What You Should Know About People Also Ask

There’s No Limit To The Number of PAA

You are used to 3 or 4 People also ask listing but there can be more depending on the search interest. You can see the initial 3 or 4 grow into hundreds.

People Also Ask Increase in Number
The number of People Also Ask questions was initially 4.

Upon clicking one of the questions, the number of PAA grew from 4 to 6, more clicks will lead to increase in PAA.

People Also Ask Increase in Number
The Number of People Also Ask increased upon clicking.

What’s now your concern with this?

That means there are a lot of questions that can you can provide answers to through your content.

Video Results May Come With People Also Ask

If you are using videos as part of your SEO efforts, then you can benefit from this feature. Video results matters now and it will even be more important in the future.

People Also Ask Video Result
Video results also featured in People also ask.

Google is even exploring moments in videos. Where search queries are directed to a portion of the video that answers it.

What’s now your concern with this?

It’s time to optimize your YouTube videos and even the ones on your website in line with the questions that shows in People Also Ask.

People Also Ask Can Be Anywhere on the Search Results

You are just like everyone, not paying attention to the position of the People Also Ask.

This cannot just be a random shuffling by Google, there must be a reason behind this.

People Also Ask can be anywhere.

In the image above, the position of the PAA was towards the end of the SERP

Just like every other element of SERP, this cannot be random.

While in the search below, the PAA was almost at the top of the SERP.

What’s now your concern with this?

We think the positioning of the People Also Ask shows the importance of the questions when juxtaposed with the keywords.

This means the higher the position of the People Also Ask, the important the questions.

How Can “People Also Ask” Benefit Your SEO Efforts?

Now, you have seen what others are probably not seeing about People Also Ask, what next is to take steps towards exploiting it.

There are quite a number of way you can do this;

1. Provide Answers To Questions in Your Contents

Rather than be hunting solely for keywords in order to boost your organic rank, you can kill two birds with a stone.

List out all the PAA questions as it relates to your website and incorporate them along with the answers. You may have to experiment a bit but you will end up seeing results.

You have four options as regarding this; adding questions along with the answers, look at the format of answers to the PAA, Using the questions in your H tags, and lastly, looking at the use of words of your content.

2. List Out All The PAA You Can Find

This is just like hunting for keywords. You will have to find all the available PAA that have been featured by Google.

You may need special tools to achieve this but it’s totally achievable. In one of our contents, we recommended Answer The Public, you can look for questions being asked there also.

3. Explore FAQs Schema

If you have to do this PAA thing, then you will have to go all out.

No limitations. You may have to test out a schema using the right types of content. With schema testing, you may win the PAA war and see yourself at a strategic position.

Final Thoughts

We strongly thing People Also Ask is one of the future of Search Engine Optimization. Which is why you need to start early enough, before the rat race sets in.