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How To Get On Top Of Google Search in 2020

Google Search in 2020 will assume a new dimension with voice search, featured snippets and semantic search dictating the pace.

The year 2019 is coming to a close. However, it’s time to prepare for Google Search in 2020. 

If you have been struggling with SEO in 2019, things might remain the same if you don’t have a change of strategy and approach. 

The shocker is that things won’t get easier with SEO in 2020. Nonetheless, you can get smarter. You have to start preparing now, SEO is fast-paced, and you have to be ready to be on the bullet train. 

Google Search in 2020 will come with significant changes, especially with local search, and voice search.

While this guide will focus on voice search, you should definitely look into how to do local SEO like an expert.

Also, don’t be intimidated and worry not. You have a few weeks to prepare along the following trends; 

1. Voice Search Will Reign, the Era of Voicesearchaggedon. 

Before you doubt this, are you aware of the following statistics;

  • In 2020, voice search will be 50% of all online searches
  • Currently, 31% of internet users use voice-based services at least once a week. 
  • 66 Million Americans now own a smart speaker
  • 40% of voice search results were pulled from featured snippets
  • Lastly, 75% of voice searches are about household items. 

These numbers might get you nervous, but you don’t have to be. 

It’s a no brainer to be optimizing for voice search alone in 2020. A bunch of voice search queries originates from smart devices. 

And the response is a single result. 

Do you know where the single result is gotten from? Featured snippets. 

In essence, if your pages are lacking in featured snippets, you don’t have any business competing for the top of Google Search in 2020. 

What should you do? 

Firstly, work on your page speed. Voice search is heavily reliant on speed. Those using voice search are usually in the middle of an action and need a quick response. 

Aim for nothing more than 2 seconds as loading time.

This leads us to our next point. 

2. Featured Snippets is The Future of Google Search in 2020

Featured snippets are at “Position 0” in organic searches. 

You may not understand how important Featured Snippets have become, but currently, it’s where the result of voice searches are drawn from. So also, 40% of Google Home results are from the Featured Snippets. 

Let’s show an example; we searched for “How to do yoga.”

Featured snippets for Google Search in 2020

In these snippets, you are shown what it takes to start yoga at home. It’s good for SEO, and of course, voice search should pick this up. 

There are three types of snippets, what you have in the image above is a list; others are paragraphs and tables. 

So what should you do to optimize for Google Featured Snippets? 

Focus on question-like queries in your keyword research.

Learn and write using the inverted pyramid style. 

Provide answers to questions in the “People Also Ask” box. 

Use more words that are used mostly on featured snippets. 

Focus on the formatting and structure of your content for short sentences. 

3. Build on Semantic Search 

In the past, search results used to be more of exact word matching. With the BERT update and previous change to Google’s algorithm, this won’t work any longer. 

Even though the industry is slow to respond to this new trend but you stand a chance of dominating Google Search in 2020 if you start optimizing for semantics. 

Google is more interested in providing results based on query context and searcher intent. Let’s look at this example and how Google interprets the search query

Google Search in 2020
Semantic search for Google Search in 2020

This is what Google understand you asking; 

You have a missing dog, and you may be looking towards animal shelter facilities to locate your dog. 

Even though you lost your dog in Salt Lake City, it may have found its way to nearby towns of Bluffdale, Coperton, or others. 

You can also check on Facebook if someone found your missing dog

If you are interested in getting on top of Google Search in 2020, this is what you should do concerning semantic search; 

Firstly, you need to pay attention to what shows up in and after your search. Focus your attention on the “People Also Ask” box. There will be search terms that come out bold during the search. Lastly, the Knowledge graph displayed should also have a structure. 

You should also use a semantic analysis tool in order to understand the context of every term based on Google Featured snippets. Therefore, Semantics should be focused on providing searchers with results based on their context and intent.