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Google Ranking Factors: Building 2020 on Proven SEO Factors [Part 2]

While there are numerous Google ranking factors out there, we’ve focused on the top 10 adjudged to be the most important by SEO experts.

This is not another SEO in 2020 predictions; we are talking about Google Ranking Factors that have proven to work in the past and are still working right now. This blog post is a series, and in the first part, we covered 5 top ranking Google Ranking Factors. In this post, we’ll be digging deeper into another 5 of the proven SEO factors. 

The best part is that; 

Everything you’ll read here is working great right now. This is not just our thoughts, but according to numerous SEO experts. 

Google Ranking factors

Even your grandma would be able to follow these Google Ranking Factors. 

No jokes; let’s get into it; 

1. Exact Match Keyword Use. 

This used to mean one thing; that the keyword must be an exact match of the search query. 

For those who have been in the SEO scene for a while, this Google ranking factor is not new. Instead, it has undergone several changes. 

The changes it has undergone include Google matching based on the intent and meaning of the search query. 

According to Google, it will continue to prefer the exact match and identical keywords over paraphrases. 

The poser now is, how can you know the exact match keyword to use? 

2. Quantity and Diversity of Linking Websites

We’ve covered issues on the quality of links in the first part; now, the attention is on the quantity of links. 

It’s not enough to have enough relevant content on your website; Google itself has confirmed numerous times that links fall into the top 3 ranking factors. 

Usually, trustworthy sites build a relationship with other trustworthy sites, while spammy sites link to the same spammy websites. 

Being able to generate a good number of high quality within a specific timeframe is essential to SEO. Don’t limit yourself to just new domains; reach out to different domains. This will help you to build a good number of diverse backlinks. 

3. Content Accuracy With Accepted Facts

Content is the lifeblood of your website. The accuracy of content is based on the current, consistent, and correctness of the content. The ability to corroborate your content with other quality sources gives credibility to the content. 

Truly, Machines cannot determine the accuracy of the contents. It decides the accuracy by relying on the relevancy of the topic and authority. This is based on the words of Google’s Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan, from his personal Twitter account.

When a content is perceived as accurate, users are likely to make or break your SEO efforts.  

It’s quite easy to buttress your content with facts. For every of your content, clearly state your sources and reference. Regularly update your content with new information, delete outdated content. Lastly, avoid contradictory or bogus statements in your contents. 

4. Link Authority of Host Domain

Surprised to see the host domain? Don’t be; there’s a significant role host domain plays in your SEO efforts. If you intend to have an SEO ready site, there’s a lot your host domain can do to help. 

Of course, it does not come easy choosing a perfect host domain. There are hundreds of host domains out there to choose from, depending on your personal needs. 

In this instance, you should look out for the host domain with relevant authority links. It’ll do your SEO a lot of good in 2020. 

5. Page’s Perceived Expertise, Authority, and Trust

In the first series of this post, we’ve dwelt on the domain’s Expertise, authority, and Trust. That’s where we talked about the E-A-T acronym. EAT has been around for a while, but the August 2018 Google algorithm update brought it to the spotlight. 

In 2020 to rank well on Google, you have to do all that is possible to nurture and build a brand. To do this, you may have to bury yourself into the Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines

Google’s stance about Expertise, Authority, and Trust is not just about the website but also the content creators E-A-T also. 

Building E-A-T does not come easy; it takes time to build. If you are into the SEO game for the quick win, this won’t be very easy to score. 

Final Thoughts On Google Ranking Factors in 2020.

While other proven SEO factors could boost your Google ranking chances in 2020, we believe these five and the ones earlier discussed should keep you busy throughout the year. 

It’s not just about Google Ranking in 2020 alone but for the building for the future. Let us know the results you get from these SEO factors. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.