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Google Ranking Factors: Building 2020 on Proven SEO Factors [Part 1]

Google’s algorithm are constantly changing but there are proven SEO tactics that works. These are the Google Ranking Factors to pay attention to in 2020.

Take a look at the image below; it has almost all the known Google Ranking Factors. How much of these SEO tactics did you utilize in 2019? Maybe it’s time you channel your attention on just a few of these SEO tactics in 2020. Which ones will you now focus your attention on? We’ll trust the judgment and expertise of the numerous SEO experts that participated in this ranking. 

Not all of the 1,584 SEO strategists and experts will be wrong, which is why we have decided to focus on the top 5 of the ranked Google ranking factors. 

1. The Relevance of Overall Page and Content

Bill Gates made the prediction, Content Is King in 1996, but it’s still relevant in 2020. 

To succeed with SEO in 2020, your content has to add value. What do I mean by value? 

Your content must be able to educate visitors on a subject without needing them to consult another website. Their queries might be in the form of a question, and your content has to be the answer to these questions. When they have a problem, and they turn to Google, your content must be their solution. There are times when visitors will also need further information, and your content should be able to point them to where to locate it. 

You should not just post great content once in a blue moon, but consistently

2. Quality of Linking Sites and Pages

Think of backlinks as votes. How many websites are voting for your pages, and what’s the quality of their relevance? Don’t make the mistakes most sites make in link building, channeling all their backlinks to transactional pages. Instead, you should link to informational content on your page. 

To win the SEO war in 2020, you have to build backlinks with every content continuously. 

Take backlinks seriously than ever before, link your content to credible content on and off your pages, and you will be rewarded hugely by the SERPs. 

3. Use of Query-Relevant Keywords and Phrases

There’s always a problem here; many do not know the difference between a keyword and a search query. For instance, if you sell electric bikes, you may have to target the keywords here; 

Google Ranking Factors, Keywords

But that’s not the search query keywords. Search query keywords are the actual phrase and sentences used by visitors. The search query keywords for electric bikes could be; 

Google Ranking Factors, Query Keywords

The reality is this; it will be impossible to target all search query relevant keywords. Yet, you have to use these keywords. There are ways to get what users are searching for; just input the keyword into the search engine, and you’ll have an idea of how they are searching. 

Craft your content along this line. You probably landed on this page by searching for “what are the relevant Google Ranking Factors in 2020.” 

4. Domain’s Perceived Expertise, Authority, and Trust. 

This is the 2020 Google Ranking Factor referred to as E.A.T; Expertise, Authority, and Trust. 

Google measures these three pillars of SEO using different yardsticks, but they all boil down to two things; relevance of your content and the external citation authority. Aside from these two, there are other areas you should focus on to boost your EAT. 

Firstly, every of your content should have a byline. That’s not all; create the author’s page for your content also. Not forgetting the relevance of an about us page, and if possible, an easily accessible contact page

Google Ranking Factors 2020, Byline
Byline in red.

Most importantly, ensure that your websites have the necessary legal pages, advertising policy, terms of use, and privacy policy

5. Mobile Friendliness

Mobile SEO should be part of your SEO strategy in 2020. Search is now mobile, and users prefer accessing search engines using their mobiles. 

Do you know that you will have a different ranking both on mobile and on desktop? Let’s skip this and go to how you can make your website mobile-friendly. 

It all starts with how you choose to build your website. Look through your website, can a user tap all the links on your website? Can thumb be used to read all your pages? Or a form field being filled using a thumb. If the answer to all this is NO, you don’t stand a chance with SEO in 2020

Go back to the drawing board now and sit down your website designer or digital marketer while you look at YouTube, CNN, and other mobile-friendly websites

We are not stopping here, let’s know your opinion while we dig work on the 2nd part of this blog post on Google Ranking Factors for 2020.