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7 SEO Fact No One Is Talking About

There are many unsaid and unknown facts about SEO. Which is why each of this SEO fact addressed the unknown about Google’s SEO.

There’s nowhere you’ll find Google’s instructional manual on how to understand their ranking algorithm. 

Trial and error,

That’s what has helped so far in understanding how Google displays SERPs. Things are even hard for you if you are a beginner in the SEO world. It’s not like the experts are having a field day either. 

In the face of all the confusion out there about SEO, we’ve put together 7 SEO facts to give you a fresh perspective about SEO. 

These SEO facts will not only give you a new angle to approach SEO but help you improve your SEO efforts

SEO FACT 1: Usefulness May Matter Than Content

Yes, we know content is king, and we dare not dispute that. We want you to examine this SEO fact from one angle; 

What are the Top 10 Websites in the World? 

Of course, the answer won’t come by surprise; 

Ranking for SEO Facts
Top 10 sites in the world.

What is, however, surprising is that only two of those websites are content-based sites; Wikipedia and Youtube. 

While the others are what we will describe as content gates. 

The content gate websites give users what to do and consume. It’s a two-way thing; while there may be something to do, there’s also something to consume. 

Don’t make any mistake here about this SEO Fact; CONTENT IS KING and content marketing works wonders

The message this SEO Fact is communication is simple; interaction is working wonders. 

SEO FACT 2: Google Relies on Search Quality Evaluators

We know you are surprised about this SEO fact, but don’t be. 

Of course, Google makes use of different algorithms for SERP, but they also rely on humans to make precision evaluations. 

This is a big claim. Then check out these evaluation guidelines for these SEO evaluators hired by Google. 

As a content creator and marketer, this guideline can be useful for you also in understanding what Google refers to as quality searches. 

If you are not publishing content in English, then it’s likely that the trained evaluators are ranking you. 

SEO FACT 3: Google Now Detects Images, and It’s a Ranking Factor

Google is always smart, but it has gotten smarter with images. Object recognition has gone to become a ranking factor. 

We think the technology behind this is the Cloud Vision API

With this in place, Google can read faces in images, and read printed words in images. 

SEO FACT 4: The Closer You are to the Searcher, the Likely Your Chances of Ranking. 

This SEO Fact deals with more of Local SEO. 

If you are unaware, there’s a new ranking metric being used by Google, and It’s TRAVEL TIME. 

We are referring to physical time here. Google is likely to rank a website that is not as optimized as yours but closer to the searcher. 

Let’s get an example to back up our claim. 

We searched for “Building Contractors,” and this came up; 

Search Optimized using Travel Time
Search Optimized using Travel Time

The first two businesses recommended do not have any review. A visit to their pages also shows they do not have any content optimized. Imagine that these two businesses are coming ahead of the one with reviews. 

It only shows one thing; Google now values Travel Time. 

SEO FACT 5: Social Signal Is Now More Important Than Ever

If you are asking of social signals will take you to the search first page. We’ll give you a resounding YES. 

But there’s a BUT: You stand a better chance of ranking with social signals coming from Facebook than any other social network. 

There’s a high correlation between Facebook engagement and SEO. 

It doesn’t hurt to try anyways, if you’ve not been using Facebook for social media marketing, the best time to start is now. 

SEO FACT 6: You Won’t Get Penalized Due to Duplicate Content. 

Duplicate content might be hurting your site, but that does not mean you will be penalized for it. 

Wait first; 

We are basing our SEO Fact 6 on Google Search Quality Evaluator Guideline. 

There’s nowhere in this guideline where you will find anything on penalty for duplicate content; instead, it’s for copied content. 

SEO FACT 7: With a Video On Your Homepage, You Are Better Positioned for SERP. 

See how YouTube went to become the second largest search engine in the world, and you are not taking videos seriously. 

Everyone loves videos, including Google. 

No one is saying that a video on your homepage gives you automatic placement on the first page. What we are saying is that you are better with it than those who don’t have any.