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5 SEO Metrics To Track Now and In The Future

The year is quite new and your focus is on getting results from your SEO efforts. Here are 5 SEO Metrics to track now and the future.

Since the year is still new, and you are going to be doing a lot to improve your SERP, it’s also essential to be able to ascertain if your SEO strategy is bearing good fruits, or you have to change approach. 

If you’ve read through a couple of SEO reports in the past, you’ll know what to look for. The most popular of the SEO metrics is organic traffic and organic bounce rate. Emphasis is also on metrics such as links, ranking/position, and organic search traffic

Let’s bring it all together in this blog post by streamlining SEO metrics. We are interested in SEO Metrics that show the impact of your SEO efforts.

1. KPIs

These are the Key Performance Indicators that are linked directly to other business metrics. For this SEO metric, attention should be on conversions, goals, downloads, the number of sales, and any additional information related to your business metrics. 

When measuring the key performance indicator, you may have to rely on the assisted conversions. Check Google Analytics or any other analytics program you are using. Another critical performance index is traffic. This will give you a clue as to whether your SEO effort is yielding results. 

Look into the traffic Year on Year or Month on Month. This will give you a clue as to the result you are getting. 

2. Site Health

This is an area of technical SEO, and it’s where most people get it wrong. We are not asking you to do an audit, and it’s quite boring. Keep the error 400 and 500s, and no one has the time to read it. 

Let your attention be on the most critical issues, not just want concerns you. You may require expertise to measure the healthiness of your website. Being a technical SEO, it may be too complicated for you to handle. 

It’s like going to a clinic for a regular blood count test; this will reveal how sound your health is at that point. 

3. Search Visibility and Share of Voice

Usually, people focus on ranking, which is not an accurate measure of your SEO Metrics. While rankings fluctuate and they are also personalized using country, device, and even browser. Rather than rankings, there are other metrics than are superior. 

Your SEO metric should be on search visibility and share of voice. The search visibility is the click estimates; this will show you an estimation of the actual traffic from the keywords. Just like search visibility, the share of voice is, however, not related to clicks. 

The other SEO metric is ranked index. This is best if you are not used to premium SEO tools. 

4. Content Performance

One SEO Metric often overlooked is content performance. How is your top content doing in terms of views, links, shares, and other social signals? With a knowledge of what’s doing well, you’ll know what to focus your attention on. 

This will also help in the suggestion of topics and other ideas. More importantly, you’ll know the keywords that are doing better. As you are identifying top-performing content, you are also going to be well aware of the low performing content. 

Knowing the lows and highs of the content performance will help in measuring SEO efforts. 

5. Measuring Opportunities

This is the most critical metric to be measured, and it will show the measurement of opportunities. It’s not enough to measure other indexes when you cannot identify the opportunities thereof. 

From each of the SEO metrics above, identify opportunities from it. Don’t end your report without identifying the opportunities.